Gas and Steam Flow Meters (GFM)

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Steam Flow Meters, Gas Flow Meters. Our setup is situtaed in Pune, Maharashtra, India and majorly we serve customers from Australia, New Zealand.

Use our GFM series flow meter for measuring flow rates of bio-gas, LPG, compressed air, steam (saturated & superheated) in closed pipes. The flow meter is suited for wide range of applications where affordability, reliability and ruggedness are of prime importance.

In conventional system of measurement, the differential pressure generated by orifice plate is measured by D.P. transmitter. The output from D.P. transmitter after square rooting is accepted as proportional to flow - rate. This assumption is true only when density is constant.

Unfortunately, density of compressible fluid is never constant. The density of compressible fluid changes with line pressure & line temperature. Thus, introducing errors in flow rate measurement.

Gas and Steam flow meters (GFM)

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• On - line density compensation possible because of online temperature & pressure measurement.
• Various sizes of orifice assemblies available with accurate calculations
• Various types of needle valves, gate valves & manifolds with or without IBR approval as per application.
• Sturdy, rugged field mounting type pressure transmitter is supplied with standard end connections.
• On - line display of compensated mass flow rates, density, temperature; output of DP transmitter is offered. LED indication for status of steam (saturated or superheated) is provided.
• Various models of mass flow integrators (computing units) µCS-3001,µCS-3002, µCS-3003 available to suit your application.
• User friendly. No need to feed all the complicated orifice constants since the system is intelligent enough to calculate.
• Isolated 4-20mA dc output proportional to compensated flow rate.
• Disconnection of DPT, PT, Temperature sensor or TT is indicated by error message.
• Partial system available to suit your existing uncompensated flow rate using existing orifice & DP transmitter or vortex flow meter.
• Complete system engineered to suit your requirement.
• Typical Turndown 10:3.
• Accuracy: ±3% of actual reading.
• It is a standard system & highly reliable.
• It is easy to maintain. Calibration of orifice, DP transmitter, pressure transmitter is easy & inexpensive.
• No moving parts.

Specifications :

1. Service


Biogas, Compressed Air, Compressed Gas, LPG, Steam. Composition : User to specify.

2. Size


½” to 14”

3. Type of Flow meter


Differential Pressure Type.

4. Flow Element


Orifice / Integral Orifice / Nozzle

5. MOC Of Flow element


SS 316

6. Density Compensation


Can be provided.

7. Type of Flanges


WNRF (Weld Neck Raised Face) / SORF (Slip On Raised Face)

8. MOC of Flange


C.S / S.S / P.P.

9. Flange Rating


ANSI 150 / ANSI 300 / ANSI 600

10. Type Of Taps


Flanged Tapping / Corner
Tapping / D & D/2

11. No. Of DP Tappings


1 Pair

12. No. Of Drain Tappings


1 Pair

13. Design Standard


BS - 1042 / ISO : 5167

14. Accuracy


± 3% of actual reading

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.