Steam Flow Meters

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Steam Flow Meters. We also manufacture many other types of flow meters. Our setup is situtaed in Pune, Maharashtra, India and we supply flowmeters throughout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and many others.

The SFMc-150 Steam Flow Meter System is engineered to suit your requirement. It has no moving parts and no wiring connections are required during installation.

The mass flow rate of Saturated and Superheated steam is calculated by measuring the differential pressure across the orifice plate and instantaneous density. Online density compensation is possible because of the online pressure and temperature measurement.

steam flow meters

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Specifications :

• Size: 1 inch to 10 inch
• Type of flow element: Differential flow element
• Accuracy: ±2.5% to 3% of actual reading
• Typical turndown: 10:3 (standerd), 10:1 (on request)
• Density compensation: Online monitoring and compensation of density
• Communication protocol: MODBUS, RTU
• Communication port: RS485, RS232 (optional)


1. Online density compensation possible because of the online pressure and temperature measurement.
2. Various sizes of orifice assemblies available with accurate design calculations, with or without IBR approval as per application.
3. Sturdy, rugged field mounting type pressure transmitter is supplied with standard end connection.
4. Online display of compensated mass flow rate, density, temperature & output of DP transmitter is offered.LED indication for status of steam (saturated or superheated) is provided.
5. User friendly. No need to feed all the complicated orifice constants since the system is intelligent enough to calculate.
6. Isolated 4-20mA dc output proportional to compensated flow rate.
7. Disconnection of DPT, PT and Temperature sensor is indicated by error message.
8. Complete system engineered to suit your requirement.
9. Standard System and highly reliable.
10. Calibration of RTD, DP transmitter, pressure transmitter is easy and inexpensive.
11. No moving Parts.
12. No wiring connections are required during installation.
13. Installation is easy and suitable.


• Easy user friendly programming
• Password protected for all modes except display mode.
• Computer/Printer Interfacing with RS 232/RS 485 port with MODBUS RTU
• Fault indication indicated by different error codes
• Overflow indicated by blinking display up to 3000 readings (for more readings consult factory)
• Data logging facility with 3445/ 6890 number of reading is available
• Linear or square root operation
• Universal power supply
• Suitable for Saturated &/or Superheated Steam
• Two alarm setting configured on pressure input
• Steam status indication (Saturated/ Superheated)
• Pressure and temperature offsets generated by site condition can be compensated
• Mass flow calculation as per ASME algorithm

Specifications :

1. Service


Saturated, superheated steam and thermic fluid in closed Pipes.

2. Size


1” to 10”

3. Type of flow element


Differential flow element.

4. MOC of flow element


SS 316

5. End Connection


SORF flange

6. MOC of flanges



7. Flange Rating



8. Orifice Flange assembly


WNRF Class 300

9. DPT


With Display

10. Data logging


4900 readings or 9800 readings (optional).

11. Comm. Port


RS485, RS232 (optional).

12. Comm. Protocol



13. Design Standard


BS: 1042/ ISO : 5167

14. Accuracy


±2.5% to 3% of actual reading

15. Typical turndown


10:3 (standerd)
10:1 (Contact to factory)

16. Density compensation


Online monitoring and compensation of density

17. Gas Temperature


Up to 70°C

18. Power Supply


85 to 265 VAC @ 50Hz

* Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice

Frequently Asked Questions

Accurate steam flow measurement is vital for energy efficiency, process optimization, and cost control. It helps industries monitor and manage steam consumption, detect leaks, and ensure equipment operates at peak performance.

Yes, factors like pipe diameter, flow conditions, temperature, and pressure must be considered when installing a steam flow meter. Proper placement and calibration are crucial for accurate measurements.

The steam flow meter is designed to measure flow rates of both saturated and superheated steam, as well as mass flow rates of Boiler feed Water in closed conduits.

The steam flow meter offers several advantages, including easy installation due to its engineered package, long-term reliability without moving parts, and no wiring connections required during installation.

Yes, the Steam flow meter can also be used as a Thermic Fluid Flow Meter or Thermic Oil Flow Meter to measure thermal energy using various fluids, including thermic fluids or thermic oils, serving as heat transfer mediums.

Comparison Between A Orifice Type And Vortex Type Flow Meter :

Parameter Orifice Vortex
Well established standards Available Not Available
Suitability for high pressure & temperature application Most suitable Seal fails in majority of cases after a certain duration.
Installation Easy to install Critical & expensive because of the requirement of special machined pipe lengths.
Existing pipeline modifications for installation No modifications are required. Design is based on velocity & not on line size. As a result, line size at the site & selected flowmeter size may differ.
Recalibration of transmitter Easy & can be done in house Has to be done on a flow-rig and hence is expensive
Changes in Pressure, Temperature Taken care of during density compensation Needs to be taken care of.
Effects on resolution due to increase in line size No effect. Resolution decreases with an increase in line size.
Suitability for low-velocity measurement Suitable Stops the measurement
Durability No moving parts and hence no wear and tear and virtually maintenance-free. Diaphragm-based sensor and hence is prone to wear and tear.