Gas Flow Meter

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Compact Gas Flow Meters, Gas Flow Meters. We also manufacture many other types of flow meters. Our setup is situtaed in Pune, Maharashtra, India and we supply flowmeters throughout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and many others.

Gas flow meter is applicable for measuring flow rates of Bio-gas, LPG, Compressed air and other compressed gases in closed conduits. It is best suited for applications where affordability, reliability and ruggedness are of prime concerns.

In conventional system of measurement, the differential pressure generated by orifice plate is measured by DP transmitter. The output from DP transmitter after square rooting is accepted as proportional to flow rate. This assumption is true only when the density is constant.

Unfortunately density of compressible fluid is never constant. The density of compressible fluid changes with line pressure and line temperature. Thus, introducing errors in flow rate measurement.



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• Mass flow measurement of Bio Gas, LPG, Natural Gas, CNG, Compressed air & other compressed gases in closed conduits.
• Available in sizes from 1" to 8"
• On – line density compensation.
• Easy Installation and commissioning


1. Online density compensation possible because of the online pressure and temperature measurement.
2. Various sizes of orifice assemblies available with accurate design calculations.
3. Online display of compensated mass flow rate, density, temperature & output of DP transmitter is offered.
4. Disconnection of DPT, PT and Temperature sensor is indicated by error message.
5. Complete system engineered to suit your requirement.
6. Standard System and highly reliable.
7. Calibration of RTD, DP transmitter, pressure transmitter is easy and inexpensive.
8. No moving Parts.
9. No wiring connections are required during installation.
10. Installation is easy and suitable.


Compact GFM is most suitable for measuring compressed air consumption, Biogas and LPG consumption in various industries.

Following are some of the application areas of the meter:
• Automotive Industry
• Textile industry
• Steel Industry
• Environmental Industry
• Industries consuming LPG or CNG
• Industries consuming Nitrogen, Oxygen Or CO2

Specifications :

1. Service


Bio Gas, LPG, Natural Gas, CNG & Compressed air in closed Pipes.

2. Size


1” to 8”

3. Type of flow element


Differential flow element.

4. MOC of flow element


SS 316

5. End Connection 


SORF flange

6. MOC of flanges



7. Flange Rating



8. DPT


With Display

9. Data logging


4900 readings or 9800 readings (optional).

10. Comm. Port


RS485, RS232 (optional).

11. Comm. Protocol



12. Design Standard


BS: 1042/ ISO : 5167

13. Accuracy


±2.5% of actual reading

14. Typical turndown


10:3, 10:1 (optional )

15. Density compensation


Online monitoring and compensation of density

16. Gas Temperature


Up to 70°C

17. Power Supply


85 to 265 VAC @ 50Hz

* Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice